Custom Template Ordering FAQ

What patterns qualify for custom acrylic templates?

All self-drafted pattern pieces qualify for custom acrylic templates. If you have a pattern designed by someone other than yourself you would like to have made templates from you must either provide cut ready files or we must consult with the designer. Templates will always include the logo of the designer, and template name. Carolina Little Stitches will not under any conditions mass manufacture templates without the expressed consent of the designer. 

What is the turn around time?

Estimated turn around times will be give at the time of purchase. Typically around 3-6 weeks.

What file types are needed?

If you are providing cut ready files we will need SVG files.
If we are creating the files for you we will need a pdf/png scan of the paper template or a pdf draft of the template. There is a $10 drafting fee for this additional service.

What is the cost?

The cost of custom templates are based on the size and time it takes to produce. Our rates are $0.16/in² + $0.00/kWh + $10.00 draft fee (if applicable) 

What is the process like and how do I order?

1) Email us at CarolinalittleStitchesSc@gmail.com or complete the form below to express your interest and to get the ball rolling. 
2) Provide the approximate size of the pattern pieces you want to have made into acrylic templates. 
3) We will provide you with a formal quote for your order, you may chose to continue with the process or not. A 20% deposit is required at this point if you decided to carry on. 
4) We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to provide us with your pattern pieces either pdf scan or photograph. Both will require you to include a 1"x1" grid for reference. You may also send us a cut ready file (SVG) if you have it.
5) We will provide you with a PDF proof. It is best that you print it as you would any pattern, 100% size. Check this for accuracy and let us know if changes will need to be made. If we do need to make changes we will repeat this process until we have it right.
6) After the proof as been approved the remaining balance is due. After it is paid the template will move to production, and then shipment.